Student Support

New students:A Parent accompanies with  his/her child to classes until at the end of the new student adaptation week.

Students:Through regular observation, teachers can assist children’s development wherever necessary and provide appropriate caring services.  We encourage children to participate in community events and local school district activities. 

Upper class’s students:We arrange visits to local primary schools and organize pre-primary activities for the Upper class’s students. We believe that children adapt more easily to primary school life.

Parents:We hold different parents’ meetings, including  seminar of primary one admission, parent’s day of each semester, therapists and other professional workshops or professional advice to parents. We welcome parents to take lesson observation and participate in volunteer work at school events. Parents can get involved in school activities and have a better understanding of our school’s vision and objectives, as well as their children’s learning and growth. Parents can communicate with teachers regularly via telephone, at pick-up time or in arranging meetings.