• By adopting theme book teaching, project and picture book approach to nurture children’s learning interests and develop a good habit of seeking knowledge. Children can explore thematic concepts through different themes at school. They can develop their thinking out of box, master various life learning skills to overcome their daily challenges that nurture children to grow up healthily and happily and achieve the whole-person development.
  • Children are able to observe, explore and discover through playing games. We believe that we provide diversified and comprehensive activities for children that can enlarge their problem-solving skills, social and communication skills in group games. Children can learn loving, helping and caring by participating cooperative games.
  • Promoting children’s interest in learning English and Mandarin through bilingual and trilingual activities in the daily schedules. Our English and Putonghua teachers designed daily listening, speaking, reading activities and increase interaction with children.
  • Infusing an artistic sense into our music lesson by adopting Mei-Yu Orff Kids music. It cultivates children’s musical sense and rhythm, feeling the joy of music, and master different instrument basic skills through in the interaction music games everyday.